Life Insurance can be complicated – but we make it SIMPLE.

Requirements can be disqualifying - but we accept Pre-existing illnesses and exempt family from Medical Tests.


WIN Pamoja

WIN Pamoja is a Kenyan company that offers Diaspora the opportunity to take out Life Insurance on family members in Kenya.

We know that insurance can feel complicated, which is why we have developed a very simple process that also includes WIN Agents to offer guidance.

Pay $200 per person, per year. Receive Kshs 500,000 coverage. Upon death of the insured family member, you will receive a Kshs 500,000 Claims payment. These Claims funds are yours to use at your discretion on funeral expenses, outstanding medical bills, etc.

Top Diaspora Agent services in Kenya

Your personal Agent is available to provide you with guidance throughout the Enrollment, Claims and Renewal processes.

You no longer have to be overwhelmed by complicated insurance information. Simply contact a WIN agent for guidance

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#1 Inclusive Insurance product

Our Insurance requirements are more inclusive. We now cover Pre-existing illnesses and do not require family medical tests.

Insurance is no longer for a select few. Your family members now have a better chance of qualifying for Life insurance.

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#1 APP including WIN Account

Get a personal WIN Account where you send/receive and securely store your communication.

You never have to search old emails for your insurance information. Everything is now in your WIN Account.

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The Product

Alot is involved in an Insurance Process. Here’s what you NEED to know before you signup

    • Family - This is family member living in Kenya that meets the following requirements
      • Age - Insured before 75 years. (Policy is renewable upto 85 years)
      • Relationship – must be a Husband, Wife, Child, Parent, Brother or Sister
      • Location –must reside in Kenya.
      • Pre-existing illnesses are covered – including Diabetes and Blood Pressure.
      • No Medical Tests are required – instead a Health Declaration Form is completed.
      • Complete a Health Declaration Form - Health information must be submitted via a Health Declaration Form
    • 1.) Signup – We use a 3-steps process that takes 10-minutes. WIN Agents are always available to assist you.
      • Open a personal WIN Account
      • Sign into your WIN account to upload your family information – Names, Age, Health information
      • Get a system confirmation if any additional health information or Health Fee is required
    • Click to signup now at
    • 2.) Make Payment
      • Standard Costs - $200 per person, per year. Health Fee – $80 per person, per year if required for pre-existing illness.
    • 3.) Receive your Policy
      • 1-year Term - Each Policy is valid for 1-year
      • Kshs 500,000 Coverage – the Policy has a Kshs 500,000 Coverage (estimate $5,000)
      • Expiration / Renewal - To keep the existing terms, the Policy must be renewed the Policy prior to expiration. Once expired, the policy is not renewable - a new application must be submitted. The new policy will be issued under the current available terms.
      • Make a Claim - Upon death of The Insured family member, a Claim payment is requested for Kshs 500,000. Payment is received within 14 business days .
      • Disqualified Claims – There are Claims do not get paid including There is a 6-months Waiting Period which means that if death occurs within the initial 6-months of the Policy, no Claim shall be paid. Click to review our list of non-payable Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered. Open the collapsed cards to view answers.

    Open a WIN Pamoja Account

  • Who Can Open a WIN Pamoja Account?
    • 1.) Kenyan
    • 2.) Residence-Diaspora-they live outside Kenya at the time they open their account. The account and policies will remain valid if they relocate to Kenya after they open a WIN Account.
    • 3.) Age-Over 18 years. No age limit.
    • 4.) Kenyan ID/Passport-Attach a copy of their Kenya ID or Passport. Names listed must match names on the Kenya ID/Passport provided. The Kenya ID or Passport verifies you are a Kenyan. Expiration date is not taken into consideration.
    • The person taking out the Policy. They must have a WIN Pamoja account.
    • Each WIN Pamoja account holder gets personal WIN Account. This is a free account that is issued when Diaspora open a New User Account.
    • It has a unique User Name which the account holder selects during account opening.
    • It is a personal account belonging to the account holder.
    • Your information and contacts.
    • Copy of your Kenyan ID or Passport.
    • You will select a unique User name
  • Insure a Family Member

    • The Insured is the family member whose life has been insured against death by The Policy Holder.
    • The Insured is named on the Policy.
    • A Claim of Kshs 500,000 can be made by The Policy Holder, upon the death of The Insured.
    • 1.) Family-Husband, Wife, Children, Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters. No in-laws. No step family. No grandparents. No grandchildren.
    • 2.) Residence-Family member must be living in Kenya at the time of the initial insurance. Their active policies will remain valid if they later relocate from Kenya.
    • 3.) Age-Before the family member being Insured turns 75 years. Their Policy is renewable until they turn 85 years.
    • 4.) Health Status- The Policy Holder must complete the Health Declaration Form to provide information about the health status of the family member. This will classify their Health Status as Category A, B or C. (see Health).
    • Nothing. You DO NOT need anything from your family member
    • No ID/Passport copy.
    • No Health Test.
    • No Medical Checkup is required, however The Policy Holder completes a Health Declaration Form with health information about the family member being insured.
    • The Health Declaration Form must be completed during Applications and Renewals.
    • Based on the health information provided, the application assigns a Category:
      • Category A – Confirms that The Insured has no listed health Risks.
      • Category B – Confirms that The Insured has some health Risks. An additional Fee of $80 per year is paid.
      • Category C – Confirms that additional documentation is required for the application to be submitted. WIN Pamoja will therefore not forward the application to APA Life Insurance until additional documentation is provided.

    Life Insurance

  • What is Life Insurance?
    • Insurance is a contract between an individual (Policy Holder) and an insurance company (Insurer), in which an individual receives financial protection against losses in exchange for an agreed payment(Premium).
    • APA Life Insurance is the Insuring company that will pay the Claim
    • Life insurance is a contract that agrees to pay an agreed sum of money upon the death of “The Insured” person. This is a contract, between a Diaspora and APA Life Insurance. The agreed sum payable upon death of “The Insured” is Kshs 500,000.

    WIN Pamoja is the digital Platform through which Diaspora connect to APA Life Insurance

  • The Policy

  • This is the document that is issued by APA Insurance after your application has been reviewed and accepted by APA Insurance. It lists information about The Policy Holder, The Insured, The Sum Assured, The Issue Date and Expiration Date.

    The Sum Assured- This is the amount of Kshs 500,000 that payable upon a Claim.
    - Policy start date - This is the date when the Policy cover begins.

    Policy Expiration Date- The policy is valid until the listed Policy Expiration Date, after which the Policy becomes invalid. When you renew the policy, you will receive a renewed Policy with a new expiration date.

    Terms and Conditions - Click to view the Policy Terms and Conditions.
    - Lists the agreement between the Policy Holder, WIN Pamoja and APA Insurance.
    - A Policy Terms and Conditions is included with every new or renewal certificate.

  • Claims

  • Submit a claim
    1. Submit a Claim

    2. Upon the passing of “The Insured”, the Policy Holder must email a Claim Form with all the required Claims documents to

    Required Claim Documents
    • Claims Form
    • Policy Holder Kenya ID/Passport.
    • Deceased Kenya ID/Passport/Birth Certificate (for children under 18 years)
    • Original Death Certificate
    • Police Abstract if death is due to an accident,
    • NOTE - All document names and date of birth must match original information provided in The Policy

    Circumstances under which a Claim is NOT paid
    • Death occurs during the 6-months Waiting Period.
    • Death occurs while the Policy was Expired or Cancelled.
    • Death due to Suicide
    • Death occurred because The Insured willfully exposed themself to high risk situations that caused bodily harm (example fights), except in an attempt to save human life.
    • Death while performing criminal offences (example burglary)
    • Death due to Alcohol / illegal drugs / Narcotics / substances (except as prescribed by a registered medical practitioner).
    • Death occurred under active participation or a victim of civil war, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, violence or any act of terrorism or:
    Claims Bank Deposit
    • The Policy Holder must provide a Bank Account IN KENYA where Claims payment will be deposited.
    • If the bank account does NOT belong to The Policy Holder, they must provide a letter from the Account Holder authorizing for the payment be deposited into the Bank Account.
    • The required Bank information is: Bank Name, Bank Branch, Bank Address and Account Name, Account Number
    6-Months Waiting Period
    1. The Insurance Policy is effective immediately it is issued, however Claims can only be paid if death occurs after the initial 6 months of the initial Policy Issue date.

  • Taxes

  • Tax Payments on Claims Payment received

    The Policy Holder is responsible for any Tax Payments due to Kenya Revenue Authority or Any other Tax authority for Claims amount received.

  • Insurance Payment + Receipt

  • Amount

    Pay $200 per person per year.

    Upon completion of the Health Declaration Form, an additional $80 is required for applicants in Category B.

    No additional Fees will be requested during the year.

    How to Pay


    • ADD "New Bank Recipient"
    • SELECT BANK: "CBA Bank"
    • ACCOUNT NAME: "WIN Pamoja"
    • ACCOUNT#: “7678770016”

    PAY BY M-Pesa

    • ACCOUNT NAME "WIN Pamoja"
    • WIN PAMOJA PAYBILL "880913"
    • WIN PAMOJA ACCOUNT#: “7678770016”


    • ACCOUNT NAME "WIN Pamoja"
    • WIN PAMOJA ACCOUNT#: “7678770016”
    • BANK NAME: Commercial Bank of Africa (NCBA Bank)
    • BANK ADDRESS: Mara Rd. Upper-hill P.O Box 44599-00100, Nairobi Kenya
    • WEBSITE:
    Upload your Paid Receipt

    Once you have made the payment, you MUST upload the Receipt to your WIN Account as evidence of payment. To upload Receipt:

    1. Sign into your WIN Account
    2. On the row for The Insured member, Click the upload () icon.
    3. The window to Select the receipt from your file will open.
    4. Select the Receipt and Upload the file. You will know your upload was successful when the check-mark() icon is displayed.
  • Password

  • About my Password

    This should be securely stored by you.

    I forgot my Password

    If you cannot sign into my account because you forgot your password, please request a new Password

    How to request a New Password

    1. Click
    2. Click "Forgot Password"
    3. You will be prompted to put in a new password
    4. Click "Save"
    I want to change my Password

    If you want to update your Password, sign into your account to make the change.

    How to change your Password

    1. Sign into your account. Click
    2. Click “the profile picture“ at the top-right of the page
    3. Click “password”.
    4. Input the New password you want updated
    5. Click "Save"
  • I forgot my Password

    To change your Password, Phone #, Address, Diaspora status.

    1. Sign into your account. Click
    2. Click “the profile picture“ at the top-right of the page
    3. Click “password”.
    4. Input the New password you want updated
    5. Click "Save"

    To make changes to your User Name or Email, Please send us an Email


Charles Waikwa

North Carolina


As the eldest child and only son, I have the inherent + unspoken responsibility to always uplift my family. Kshs 500,000 was still not enough.

Sidi Kafwihi



When my loved one passed, my siblings were still dependents on her. The Claims money was distributed among them to setup their next steps.

Mary Mwaura



As a daddy’s girl, I was proud to have given dad the befitting funeral of a King – My King. The $5,000 was not even enough.

Thomas Kulinga



2020, the year of Covid. I lost my bro and couldn't travel home due to lockdown. Thank you WIN Pamoja. The money was all my family had. Be blessed.

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