Pay your Bills in Kenya

  • By M-Pesa
  • By Cheques
  • By Bank Transfer

   Making Payments is Simple:

  • Signin to WIN Account. Select Payment Option
  • Complete payment details (Name, Amount)
  • Submit. You will get Payment Confirmation or cheque delivery confirmation.

   Who you can pay

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacy
  • Utilities and more

Make Payments anytime
from your WIN Account
Make Payments to any
location in Kenya.

who can you pay


Insurance cover for
our loved ones
in Kenya.

  • Do you have dependants in Kenya ?
  • Do they rely on your for financial support ?
  • Do you need peace of mind for tomorrow’s emergencies ?

WIN Pamoja has negotiated leading life Insurance
packages that Diaspora can use to insure parents
children and siblings



   Step 1: Insured Information

  • Submit details of family members you want to insured(Name/Date of birth)
  • Submit Premium/Payment

   Step 2: Insurance Processing

  • Insurance will review request.

   Step 3: Policy Decision

  • The Insurance team will communicate your Policy details


How to get a farm Assessment

   Step 1: Request Farm Assessment

  • Submit online request for farm visit. Provide Name/Phone of farmer.

   Step 2: Shamba Visit

  • Farming experts will visit the farm to complete assessment

   Step 3: Assessment Report

  • You will receive the assessment report which will include current state and proposed venture for the shamba.
You will then decide if to proceed with proposed venture.

Get an assessment done on
your farm so you can find
out how to increase the
farm yield.

  • Do you have a shamba in Kenya ?
  • Do you want to increase your farm yield ?
  • Do you want to increase your family’s farm yield ?
  • Do you need expert agricultural advise ?
  • Are you an “Absent” farmer ?

Would you like to assess the potential of your
farm or your family’s farm ?

  • You may learn what alternative crops or livestock you can raise
  • You may find out how to manage soil fertility among many agricultural tips
  • It is simple even for “Absent” farmers


WIN Pamoja recognizes that farming has potential to increase yield when research and resources are made available. WIN is therefore connecting Diaspora to the opportunity for themselves and their families. can connect you to farming experts that offer research, resources and training.

  • Any farm size qualifies for an assessment
  • Visits can be made to any location in Kenya
  • Assessment and farm management is available for “Absent” farmers

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