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It should NOT be complicated

Here is why…

Get an Agent in Kenya

Everything is done for you

WIN Pamoja is your personal agent in Kenya that manages your Enrollment, Renewal and Claims processes with APA Insurance.

  • Accurate. On-Time
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Get a FREE WIN Account

All information 1-file

Get all your Policy information securely stored in a central file - your WIN account.

  • File is Accessible 24/7
  • Renewal Reminders included
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Best Diaspora Product

Built for Diaspora
  • Fitting product built for Diaspora.
  • Manageable from afar.
  • Enrollment does not require family input – No IDs, No health Tests.

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Life Insurance for your family in Kenya will empower you to manage the financial responsibilities upon bereavement

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The Policy

Who can be insured.

Husband, Wife, Children, Parents, Brothers and Sisters.


Insure before 75 years. Renewable upto 85 years.


Good Health Status

  • No Medical Test.
  • Fill a Health Declaration Form.

Waiting Period.

6 months Waiting Period before Claims can be made.

Pay $200 get Ksh 500,000 cover

Insure family while they still qualify…

You have $200 today

$200 can become $5,000

John received a call from family in Kenya informing him that his brother was in a road accident and was rushed to hospital. He is in ICU. The family is now reaching out to friends and neighbors for financial assistance with the hospital bills.

Would he have $200 or $5,000?

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Family is in good health

Health can become Uninsurable

Mary called her sister in Kenya today, only to learn that her sister has been having headaches for several months. Upon further questions Mary learnt that the headaches are getting worse which is why her sister is now planning to go to hospital.

Will Health disqualify your family?

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Family qualifies for Terms

Terms can change anytime

Jane finally went online today to enroll her mother-In-Law for Life Insurance. Jane was surprised to find that in the current Terms, In-laws can not be insured. Had she insured her previously she would qualify to renew the Policy every year.

Does Applicant qualify for the Terms ?

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From Bereaved WIN Pamoja clients