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About WIN Pamoja

What is WIN Pamoja?

WIN Pamoja in a Kenyan company that is making it Convenient, Affordable and Secure for Diaspora to Signup for services in Kenya. Diaspora are now able to signup their families in Kenya for Life Insurance from APA Insurance Company. Through the WIN Pamoja Platform, DiaSpora can now submit their Application and Claims and get their processes completed at no hassle with in 7-14 days.

WIN Pamoja (WIN for winining, Pamoja is Swahili for together) is a Kenyan platform through which Diaspora can Conveniently and Securely signup for services in Kenya. We begun our journey in 2011 at the 1st Diaspora conference where we carried out our 1st Diaspora Survey. We have continued to ask questions and to listen to Diaspora.In 2016 May, we begun to enable to services to Diaspora. In December 3rd, 2016, WIN Pamoja will be launched in Texas,USA., the largest group of Diaspora in a single state.

Why did we start WIN Pamoja?

We found that there were many Critical Services that Diaspora could not easily access in Kenya - either because the process was not convenient, the cost was not reasonable or they not confident that the experience and product was not going to be a good fit that would meet their expectations.

Is win Pamoja an Insurance Company?

No, WIN Pamoja is a Kenyan company that in offering a Platform through which Diaspora can connect to service providers in Kenya. We have offices in Kenya and are therefore able to "run" errands on behalf of the Diaspora including delivering applications and collecting the feedback.

Who to Insure ?

Which Family members can Diaspora insure?

Family members back home in Kenya. Family includes Parents, Children, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sisters, Grand Children and Grand Parents.

Why are we aIso including Brothers and Sisters to the insurance?

We did surveys in the Diapsora and learnt that Diaspora educate children of their Brothers and Sisters. We therefore felt that it would be important to insure family

Can we Insure our Family members that live in the Diaspora?

No, This life Insurance is for Insuring family members in Kenya. You cannot insure family members living in the Diaspora.

Can we Insure our Step/Half Family members?

Yes we can insure our step/half sibblings and our step mums or step dads. Step sibblings are brothers and sisters from either our same mother or same father.Step mothers or step fathers are married to either our father or mother.

Is there a Limit to the Number of People Ican Insure?

There is no limit to the number of family members that DiaSpora can insure.

Age Limit

Is there an Age Limit?

The Insured must be less than 75 years at time of initial signup.Annual renewals can continue after 75 years.

Application Requirements

What do you need to signup

If they are family living in Kenya and they are not yet 75 years, you will need the following to complete the application:

1.THE POLICY HOLDER - You will need the Kenya ID/ Passport of the Diaspora person insuring their family.

2.THE INSURED - You will need the Name and Date of birth of family member being Insured. ID or Birth Certificate of the Insured person is only required at time of Claim not during Application process.

How It works: Get a WIN Account at

WIN Pamoja account holders qualify for WIN Pamoja products. Signup for your WIN Account and start enjoying Insurance, Agriculture and Life Insurance products

1.Open a WIN Account. You will need a Kenyan ID/Passport to open you WIN Account

2.Submit your Insurance request. You will need Name and Date of Birth of member being insured

3.Submit your Premium: Payment is processed through your WIN Account

Life Insurance
for your Family

Diaspora are often the main source of financial support
for their families. Let us always be prepared for Tomorrow.

WIN Pamoja has negotiated leading Life Insurance rates.
Let us insure our parents, children, brothers and sisters.

Family! We all have them.
Let us insure them today.


How much is the Premium and coverage?

Premium is KES 5,000 per person, per year. This will give coverage of KES 500,000.

Are ther administrative fees?

Additional Ksh 900 fees and charges are included for administrative work by WIN Pamoja.

What are the terms of Payment?

Payment is paid for the full year. No partial or monthly payments are accepted.

Claims requirements

What do I need to Process My Claims?

Claims are paid within 14 days upon submitting

1.) CLAIM FORM - A completed Claim Form,

2.) IDENTIFICATION OF THE INSURED - Insured's Kenya ID/Passport or Birth Certificate for children.

3.) CONFIRMATION OF DEATH - example Burial Permit



What if I relocate back to Kenya?

If Diaspora relocate back to Kenya, the Insurance Policy will continue to be honored and can be renewed annually. Similarly, if the Insured relocated out OF Kenya, the Policy continues to be honored and is renewable.

Send Money directly from your bank account to

WIN Pamoja bank account #7678770016

in Kenya.Payment can be made by Bank-to-Bank Transfer, WAVE, Sawa-Pay, Poa Pay, etc.

How to submit insurance

1). Sign in at using your User Name + password

2). Select ”Insurance From” tab at the top of page

3). Select ”Insurance From” tab at the lest of page

4). Input Name, Date of birth, Relationship.

5). Check box that you authorize WIN Pamoja to be pay amount listed from your account.

6). Submit Repeat for each person being insured.


How to send money be wave or sawa pay

1). Open WAVE or SAVA Pay on your phone.

2). TO: Input “New Bank Receipient”

3). Select Bank: Input “CBA”

4). Full Name: Input “WIN Pamoja”

5). Account: 7678770016

6). Send Payment: Ksh 5,500 per person.(Premium Ksh 5,000+WIN Fees Ksh500)

7). Paid confirmation recieved

After you send money you will recieve a confirmation from WAVE or SAVA-Pay.

8). Forward confirmation

Send confirmation to WIN E-mail: or SMS / Whatsapp +254 705 458 012

Open a WIN Account

Open your WIN Account to get access to WIN Products and solutions

How to Open a WIN Account

Apply at

WIN will email your Name/Password

Sign in to your WIN account and
begin enjoying WIN Products


  +254 705 458 012 (Kenya)

  +1 224 484 0146 (USA)

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